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Working with Sommer is a refreshing break from the typical business relationships. She comes to the table prepared with an understanding of your brand, your competitive set and a future peak of what could set you apart. She ‘listens’ when you talk about your brand and knows exactly how to present ideas that support your mission or cause because she cares about the business you two together can help grow. Sommer becomes an extension of your team, a true partner – all by being present. I wouldn’t work with anyone else!

From the moment I met Sommer 10 years ago I was incredibly impressed by the way she was doing events like no one else, with amazing ideas, always thinking big, always taking every event to a different level of quality.

Something amazing about Sommer is that every time I work with her she has a new plan to make things better.


Senior Vice President of Marketing

California Pizza Kitchen


Mixologist & Brand Ambassador

Tequila Cazadores


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